Sea Kayak Rental Rates

To ensure the sea kayaks and equipment you wish to rent are available, start planning your sea kayak trip well in advance of your trip. We require you to reserve your kayaks a minimum of one or two months prior to your departure dates. Late requests for rental/transports will be subject to extra charges. Early booking helps us ensure that we have the sea kayaks, accompanying safety gear and transport slot you want for the dates requested. 

Renters, not leaders must provide experience to us in order that we consider renting to your group. We encourage one member of the group has a current first aid cert, perferably wilderness first aid advanced. And we will require past experience of paddling in the Johnstone Strait Area or an equivalent area. A current Level One Paddle Canada Certification or equivalent international certification is a step in the right direction but we will have the final word on rentals attached to transports. Current experience is a request we often ask for from folks who are from outside the borders of British Columbia.

Trip Planning Service

Trip Planning Service is available upon request for a fee. We can provide you with knowledge of about camping, tides and currents, travel times, wildlife encounter spots, marine traffic routes schedules, tour group schedules, transport services and water drops. If you do not know the area this is a secure idea for a successful trip. The first purchase you should make is to get the Marine Chart, usually Chart # 3645... Next step is to visit Google Earth to get an idea of what your paddling area looks like and what hazards might exist. Get copies of the tides and CURRENTS tables. Currents are in BOLD for a reason!!!  Don.t read the tides correctly will cost you time standing around the beach waiting or worse...packing out the boat at the distance tideline. Trip planning starts when you book your rental...transport with us....expect homework x3 and follow up phone call...and finally following your paddling route on the way to your first campsite.   Fee is to be paid at this time.

Minimum Rental: 4 days connected with a one way transport

* You must provide evidence of a marine chart #3645 before we can complete the rental and transport with you or your group. 

* Rental Rates do not include 5% GST and rates are subject to change.
* Rentals include a suitable PFD, spraydeck, paddle, spare paddle, pump, sponge, throw rope and a rescue paddle float.
* Kayak deposits require at time of bookling.
* NOTE: We require that you treat our gear like is your own

*** a damage deposit of $500 per kayak is taken and held until the kayak is returned in the condition you received it.

 Single Fiberglass Composite Sea Kayaks  $75 / Day
 Double Fiberglass Composite Sea Kayaks (No center hatch)  $130 / Day
 Double Fiberglass Composite Sea Kayaks (centre hatch)  $130 / Day
 Deposit per kayak  $100 S $100 D




 Handheld VHF Radio  N/A
 Handheld GPS  N/A
 Paddles  $25 / Week
 Sleeping Bags  N/A




Kayak Transport Service from Alder Bay or Port McNeill, BC

Do you only have four or five days to enjoy the best of Johnstone Strait or the Broughton Archipelago?  Does your group want to do a longer multi-day kayak trip to the Broughton Archipelago, Johnstone Strait or Blackfish Sound?  Do you have paddlers of varying ability and experience?  Perhaps we can help make your trip even more of an adventure by transporting you to your destination. Our specially designed 32 ft. Landing Craft is an effective transport boat. It can save you days of paddling from or to Telegraph Cove or Port McNeill. This allows you to enjoy the scenery and wildlife with relaxed day paddles from your base camp. To learn more click here.

When you have planned your sea kayak adventure and know your exact transport needs, call us at head office 1-250-756-0094 or text message us at our mobile phone 1-250-619-2714.

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