Kayak Rental & Kayak Transport Service Request

If you are interested in sea kayak rentals this must be combined with transport  to destinations we service.  Once you an idea of what you require please complete the form below or contact us by emailing us at info@tckayaks.com or larry@orcaseakayaking.com  If you would like us to contact you by telephone, please give us a time and date!

Or you can also TEXT us at 1-250-619-2714.   We offer competitive pricing for rentals and transport into the Broughton Marine Park, Knight Inlet,Queen Charlotte Sound or Johnstone Strait and destinations beyond Port Mcneill.       We do not offer rentals to solo individuals.

Safety always starts with planning.  

Plan A... Plan B, you cannot have too many plans!  For your safety we require rental folks to truthfully document their experience from previous seasons. Secondly, we require that you file out a Sail Plan of your trip with us before your departure.  This is considered your pre-trip planning agenda. And thirdly, we suggest that you have a Safety Checklist for your trip.

We would encourage  groups to have at least two members with adequate experience on the ocean or PADDLE CANADA Level One or Two Certifications or equivalent. Our transport services will be limited to a maximum group size of eight passengers, eight kayaks and a load or 60 lbs per person.  As an alternative we offer competitively priced guided sea kayak tours highlighting two basecamps, sea kayaks, tents on platforms, good food and knowledgeable guides. Information can be found  at www.orcaseakayaking.com.

NOTE: We do not offer rentals to folks who are not experiences in our waters. Folks renting our sea kayaks and taking transport must be prepared to document a recent medical history and history of their paddling trips before a rental agreement will be completed.

Please complete the fields belowand have this information handy before calling to reserve: 
• Email address
• Rental dates requested
• Group size and ages of guests
• Specify if you want sea kayak rentals for singles, doubles or doubles with mid-hatch storage
• Credit card information for your trip deposit

We will confirm your rental via email and provide you with a ‘Terms and Usage’ and a 'Sail Plan’ document for you to fill out and sign. These documents outline your level of paddling experience and planned route. Within your group at least one kayak renter must have a current Level One Paddle Canada Certification.

Privacy Policy

Any information you give to us is used ONLY to help ensure you have a fun and safe sea kayak camping trip.  We never give away your name or contact information. However, given us your contact info allows us to keep in touch with you for deals we offer throughout the pre-season.  We reward folks who do repeat business with us in Canada and Baja.