Kayak Trips to Johnstone Strait and Broughton Archipelago

We Stop for Wildlife!

We are part of the whale watching network in the North Island and work with the whale watching vessels daily. We find whales before the sun rises!

Keep your camera within easy reach! For the past five years we have enjoyed the presence of a growing number of humpback whales from open water to the waters of Johnstone Strait and Queen Charlotte Sound. Recent healthy salmon migrations translate into consistent sightings of resident orcas and humpback whales.

Many transport trips are halted by the passing of whales. Your captain enjoys the experience as much as you will. It is always an inspiring experience. We are not in the whale watching business but conduct our transport vessel within the whale watching guidelines we signed into years ago.

We do help the whale watching industry locate and ID whales (especially transient orca) as we transit the three waterways between Telegraph Cove and the Broughton Archipelago.

Wildlife sightings are not affected by the weather and therefore we even find them on overcast days. Eagles, ravens, seals, porpoises, Orcas (killer whales), sea lions and other wildlife are abundant at points along the routes of many of our transport routes so keep your camera and binoculars close by.We are also setup with hydrophones to listen in on whale vocalization when the opportunity presents itself.

 Kayak Trips 

We offer adventures that blend sea kayaking, whale and bear watching with fresh food and fun guides to provide a fun trip experience. We are unique, we have our own whale watching vessel and we use it to fish, whale watching and move you around with our sea kayaks. Our trips are itineraries are based on years of experience in the Johnstone Strait core area for marine mammals. A  variety of trip are available for you, you and friends, you and family or a special group of folks. We have a custom day trip for budget minded families, 4 day relaxing island basecamp trips, clamping trips on a preset island camp, a 6 day nomadic trips and wonderful floathouse trips during the summer months on Vancouver Island.

Kayaking - Orca Day Trip

Kayaking - Orca Lite 2 Day/ 1 Night

Kayak, Whale Watch and Island Campsite - Orca Explorer 4 Day / 3 Night

Kayak, Humpback Whales and Native Culture - South Broughton 4 Day Wilderness Adventure

Kayak the entire Broughton Marine ParkNorth Broughton 6 Day Wilderness Adventure

Lagoons, Wildlife and Spectacular Scenery - Beyond Broughton 6 Day Wilderness Adventure

Broughton ArchipelagoFloat House Based Wilderness Adventure