Kayaking Johnstone Strait & Broughton Archipelago

We operate in the unceded lands of the Kwakwaka'wakw Peoples. We respect and practice the age old values and morals that have allowed these human beings to survive all adversity to present day.  Our area experienced the first herring spone in history this year and no one appears to have an answer for this event.

Telegraph Cove Sea Kayaking Company and Discovery Expeditions are an integral part of the whale watching community in the North Island of Vancouver Island. First thing every morning we chat with all the major whale watch vessel captains to provide or access info on the early morning and overnight whale activities. Often whales are located before the sun rises!

Keep your camera within easy reach!  For the past ten years we have enjoyed the presence of a growing number of humpback whales and rafts of sea otters in the waters of Johnstone Strait and Blackfish Sound. Recent healthy salmon migrations translate into consistent sightings of resident orcas and humpback whales. But overall having a basecamp location from which to view whales from is a bonus.

Many rental/transport trips are halted by the passage of pods of Orcas or the feeding frenzies of large Humpback Whales. At every opportunity even your captain enjoys the whale experience as much as you will. It is always a share and inspiring experience. Regulations on whale encounters have changed, and both companies operate in full compliance with the practice we have used and help develop over some twenty years of operation in Johnstone Strait and Blackfish Sound. Guests and staff help the local whale watching by submitting any whale pics that can be used for ID purposes.  Pictures need to be taken and submitted to research for on going categorization of pods (especially new calves)  and larger whale families.  Our vessel regularly transits the waters between Telegraph Cove and the Broughton Archipelago and is constantly providing this service to NIMMAS and DFO agencies.

The area we operate within is sensitive and locals are passionate about keeping it that way....pristine!  The volume of wildlife sightings in a day is staggering if you want to keep count. Our companies just like to observe and take in the show while boating or kayaking through an environment that renews the human spirit everyday of the year. Large numbers of eagles, ravens, seals, porpoises, sea otters, sea lions, Orcas, Minke and Humpback Whales frequent these water during the months of late Spring into Early Autumn.  With a noticeable warming of the shoulder months we could be looking at a longer season for the wildlife to stay in the area and enjoy good hunting.

2023/4 Guided Kayak Trips

 Why go on a guided trip?...well you can learn a great deal from professional guides especially ones who have spent most of their summers on the water logging information on weather, wildlife and how to get the best out of everyday regardless of the weather. After all we are all learner, explorers, and adventurers. Covid-19 restrictions are followed to ensure your safety.

Usually folks go from one season of activity to another. Some folks think that time in mountains applies to time on the water and move from winter activities into the summer with confidence and optimism.  Our guides know that time on the water cannot be replaced by an alternate. Our guides are encouraged to go out at the beginning of every season for a weeks solo to get into harmony with themselves, then go out on a training trip with other guides to start the season...using the time to familiarize themselves with the area, the hazards, the wildlife, the POWER of the water....our area is filled with moving water, a large amount of boat traffic and fog.  For those reasons consider a guided trip. You learning curve will go up exponentially and you will emerge with more understanding of weather and making moving water work for you. And you are helping the local economy by supporting our companies. We are local and proud of it!

Discovery Expeditions and Telegraph Cove Sea Kayaking Companies offer ventures that combine kayaking, whale and bear watching... fresh food and fun guides to provide a fun trip experience. We are unique, we have our own whale watching vessel and we use it to fish, whale watching and move you around with our sea kayaks. Our trips are itineraries are based on years of experience in the Johnstone Strait core area for marine mammals. A  variety of trip are available for you, you and friends, you and family or a special group of folks. Our seasoned staff offers you trusted trip from day trips to six day nomadic journey through an area that is known in the kayaking community as the best true wilderness park in North America. Below are a list of the trips Discovery and Telegraph Cove Sea Kayaking offer to the adventure community. Each trip has been throughly designed by Larry and his guides to provide the framework for the best on water experience you can have amongst this constant flow of wildlfe. Your invited to take part.... due to the current covid situation, we are only running trips in BOLD.

Marine Mammal Safari - Orca Day Trip

Kayak, Whales, BaseCamp - Orca Explorer 4 Day 

Kayak, Whales and Native Culture - South Broughton 4 Day Wilderness Adventure

Kayak, Journey, Wildlife - North Broughton 6 Day Wilderness Adventure 

Lagoons, Wildlife, Bears - Beyond Broughton 6 Day Wilderness Adventure

Kayak, Broughton ArchipelagoFloat House Based Wilderness Adventure