Kayak Transport Services

Specifically, we provide our kayak transport service to a variety of destination in the North and South Broughton Archipelago and Johnstone Strait during the four months of summer. We have provided this service for the past twenty-some years in one form or another.  Our 32-ft Landing Craft transport boat has surprised us all with how well it functions. Overall, the boat is stable, comfortable and reliable. It is a perfect boat for wildlife viewing. It is equipped with updated safety and navigation gear. We have everything in duplicate. We do our training in rough water every year to ensure we avoid those conditions when marine weather folk indicate the weather is extreme. The boat is a front loading/unloading vessel that can get in close to beaches at low tide. Our Landing Craft is equipped with padded sea kayak racks and all loading is done from the bow. Two reliable Honda outboards ensure a comfortable and stable ride. Max capacity is ten passengers and ten singles or a combination of singles and double kayaks plus gear


Over the last twenty years we have established a track record for successfully transporting sea kayakers and their contents to reliable destinations in Johnstone Strait, Blackfish Sound and the Broughton Archipelago. Our knowledge of the area is constantly being updated each year by our excellent relationship with whale watch companies, researchers and local marine scientists. We chart and document the changing weather patterns each summer and work with other water taxis in the area. All this to ensure your safety. We only run private transports, we do not run a water taxi service. We offer a variety of drop off and pick up locations in Johnstone Strait and the Broughton Archipelago. These locations are heavily used by other members of paddling public.  

Our months of operation start in the middle of May and extend to the beginning of October.  Bookings start in January, so contact us early. In the past two summer we had to turn away a number of groups due to them waiting to long to book transport. To guarantee that you get the dates, rentals and times you want to travel you should book as early as possible. We are limited to two trips per day.

The size of the group, the amount of gear, amount of water and the number of kayaks all effects the load and hence the cost of transport. Time for loading, launch costs and off-loading are all additives to transport cost. Transport costs are also based on load and distance. In these challenging times of oscillating fuel costs we do our best to keep our rates down.  When you contact us please provide us with information as follows:   know where you want to go and wether you want a one-way or two-way transport, number of kayaks, guests and amouint of H2O. then we can give you a quote. Transport rates are subject to change with the ever increasing cost of fuel. Transport charges start at $400.00. 

Trip Consulting Service: 

Take advantage of our 25 years of sea kayaking in the area. Larry offers a trip consulting service for $150 to help you plan a successful and safe excursion. We recommend that you use our transport service and then we will take you to your destination via the kayak route we recommend based on updates in currents, tides, winds and weather front for that area. This is an excellent service if you wish to get your information updated by someone who has guided sea kayaks in the waters of Johnstone Strait, Queen Charlotte Strait, the Broughton Archipelago and Knight Inlet to ensure that you get the best of your time spent in your area of choice.  We require a fee to be paid for this service at the time of pre-trip planning meeting.

You provide the chart and Larry will provide a realistic route that includes camping locations and updated information. This session starts on land and continues on the boat during the transport. Larry will take you along the route you are going to paddle through the Broughton Archipelago. Hence you can see where the best routes are and how currents, wind and tides could affect your journey and prepare for a Plan B. This service has become popular because it sets a realistic expectation for your trip route with the option of your expertise.

Planning For Your Trip

By contacting us in early Spring it gives you a chance to secure the best dates for transport and rentals. Please keep in mind flexibility when you call for transport dates. This helps us let you know our availability  during   the summer months. We understand that you may need time to get all your group sorted out and requirements finalized.

Our summer base of operation is at the Port McNeill Harbour on Vancouver Island. We also do pickups at the water taxi dock at Telegraph Cove Marina in front of the Kayak Shop. Our summer office is located at Suite #2 - 455 Pioneer Drive, Port McNeill, BC. We are located directly across from KAL Tire business location. We offer storage service on site. We offer accommodation on site.   

Our Transport service must be secured by a small contract protecting your safety and time concerns. The process is a thorough one and takes a few emails over a few days communications.

Although inquiries can be done by phone or text message...ALL bookings must be done by email.  We email out a number of forms to ensure that we have the necessary information on you and your family or group. We require the names and ages of everyone we transport. And we ask that you document any medical conditions we should know about.

A  deposit of $50 per person is required to hold the booking. This deposit is best given by CC over the telephone. After June 15th any changes to departure dates will be subject to a fee of $20.

Our Transport Vessel "Discovery Skiff"

Our Landing Craft is specifically designed to deal with the loading and off-loading of kayaks-gear-folks. We can access beaches easily with a front off loading option. Our consultant service is becoming a popular option for most groups and folks who have travelled with captain Larry in the past. To know where the best camping area are is one thing, but to know how best to run the weather is the key to a successful trip. We stand ready to provide this service.

We maintain a vessel that can deal with anything the North Island weather patterns can generate but keep safety front and center on each transport. We service the best beaches and the waters of Johnstone Strait and the greater Broughton Archipelago. Our boats design is proven out over the last eight years of operation. Johnstone Strait often provides only marginal weather conditions for kayakers. Our service provides that best introduction and backup for anyone wishing to kayak the waters of the North Island.  Generally, paddlers want to be dropped off at locations where they can set up camp. Loading and unloading at beach destinations is quick and effortless.

The 14-foot cabin is appreciated during rainy weather and provides comfort for guests during the short but scenic transports to desired destinations. The cabin is designed with a large degree of space under the seats for your gear. Additional deck space is available after the sea kayaks are loaded. Most often we ask that the gear that goes on the deck be in dry bags, fuel container or water containers. 

Our vessel is equipped with a standard package of technology (GPS) to ensure your safety while onboard. We operate two VHF radios and two GPS systems for reliability and durability. The vessel is coast guard certified and equipped with standard safety equipment. Safety gear is inspected and replaced as required.

Our captain (Larry Roy), is certified in small commercial vessel safety and operation.  Larry has operated boats and sea kayaks in these local waters for over twenty-five years. He is a inspiration to any of our trips you decide to take with us.

Warm clothing and hats should  be worn during your passage with us. Most folks want to see wildlife during transport and are in/out of the cabin numerous times, coming with the correct clothing makes are the different to the success of your experience with us.  The option of floater suits are available for your usage on days that start with cool mornings or afternoon showers or if we stop for whale viewing.

We Stop for Wildlife!

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