Orca Day Trip

Kayak Wildlife Exploring on Vancouver Island

On the Orca Day Trip we transport you to a marine wilderness environment, home to an abundance of wildlife including humpback whales, sea lions, white-sided dolphins, orca, black bear and eagles. 

Departing from Telegraph Cove or Port McNeill, BC) our first destination is in waters where you can observe the numerous sea lions and humpback whales that frequent the area during the summer. We transit Blackfish Sound and the entrance of Blackney Passage during the morning hours and progress into the rich waters of Johnstone Strait in the afternoon. Gradually we visit the beaches of Robson Bight and Boat Bay Conservancy.

As we traverse the waters of North Vancouver Island we are scanning and listening  for the passage of  Orcas, White-Sided Dolphins or Humpback Whales.  Maximum time is spent on the water either in sea kayaks or in the boat. Our trips also give you the opportunity to explore the beaches, trails and rugged shoreline of this lush marine environment.

During the day we transfer from the boat to a secluded island where we maintain a base camp that offers you a great spot to start our sea kayak exploring. A group of the small bays, islands and Islets are within reach with our sea kayaks. You will be paddling in the vacinity of resident whales, seals and eagles. In one day it is possible to see a number of different species of animals and marine mammals. Often we view bears grubbing at low tide along mud flats or watch eagles catch prey and take it back to their nest. Lunch is served on the island or on one of our stops along the way.

Given that the weather is stable, it is possible to cross the Strait and explore the solitude of the beaches to the west of Robson Bight and enjoy watching the interaction of  whales, sea lions and seals all in the same marine environment. Our return journey back to Telegraph Cove in the late afternoon will take us along a different route than the one taken earlier in the day, in hopes and viewing wildlife we did see during the early part of the day. Often this trip is run in conjunction with our longer-stay base camp trips. This option offers you the convenience of our private boat transport and a flexible itinerary.

Orca Day Trip Rates

$199 per person + taxes

Kayak departures direct from Telegraph Cove.

$299 per person + taxes

Includes transportation to remote destinations aboard our skiff.

A minimum of (2) two people is required Maximum Group Booking: 8. Group rates available on request.

Orca Day Trips depart Telegraph Cove, British Columbia at 8:30 am, returning at 4:00 pm. Our meeting point is at the entrance of the Telegraph Cove Ventures Boat Ramp prior to boarding "My Discovery Skiff".

2017 Departure Dates:  
June 22 to 30 • July 1 to 5 or 12 to 20  • August 13 to 14, 19, 20 or 26 to 27 • September 2 to 10

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