Explore the Johnstone Strait from Telegraph Cove, BC

Telegraph Cove Sea Kayaking is a team of avid paddlers and local experts with more than 20 years of on-the-water experience kayaking the waters of Northern Vancouver Island. If you are interested in kayaking Johnstone Strait, the Broughton Archipelago or Blackfish Sound our kayak rental and remote transportation service is tailor made for you. This service offers guests an opportunity to get the maximum out of a limited number of days available to explore the area by using our front loading transport vessel to get you to the paddling destination of your choice. To learn more about Telegraph Cove click here.

New For Summer 2017... Orca Day Trip!

Cruise the waterways of north Vancouver Island aboard the "My Discovery Skiff" and paddle choice calm water destinations rich with marine wildlife including humpback whales, killer whales (orca) porpoises, eagles and bears. More...

Sea Kayak Rentals and Outfitting

Outfit your journey with the right kayaks and equipment.

Telegraph Cove Sea Kayaking Rentals

Our fleet of kayaks consists primarily of composite fiberglass Necky and Seaward Kayaks. These have been chosen for their stability and performance in the waters of Northern Vancouver Island. Our fleet includes a selection of kayaks ranging from necky singles to seaward doubles. Our best packages include rentals with transport for multiple day sea kayak trips to destination within 100 miles of Port Mcneill.

We have pioneered most of the sea kayak routes in the vicinity of Port Mcneill over the past twenty (20) years. Our packages give you the best price on rentals and transport with the bonus on knowing that we monitor your trips progress with an eye to our changing weather patterns.

We rent to folks who are doing trips longer that three days. We do offer the option of two day trips for folks who want to just go out for a full days experince. Rental rates start at $45 (single kayaks) to $75 (double kayaks).

If you combine your kayak rental with our transport service we can offer you a discount on daily rental rates.
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Kayak Transportation

Transportation to Johnstone Strait, Blackfish Sound or the Broughton Archipelago.

Telegraph Cove Sea Kayaking can transport up to eight guests, kayaks and gear to your destination of choice in our north Vancouver Island region.Getting you to and from your paddling destination, swiftly and safely.

Do you have only four or five days to kayak the best areas of Johnstone Strait, Blackfish Sound or the Broughton Archipelago? Do you have paddlers of varying ability and experience? Perhaps we can help make your trip even more of an adventure by transporting your group to rustic camp destinations in the area. We can save you days of paddling from or to Telegraph Cove.
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Telegraph Cove Wilderness Day Tours

Enjoy a day day of guided whale watching, kayaking and nature walks with us.

Explore northern Vancouver Island with us.

Participate in our Orca Day Trip or we can prepare a custom day trip for you and your family or group starting at $199 - $299 per person. Our trips require a minimum of two guests to a maximum of groups or families of six with declining rates.  We suggest that bookings are made a few weeks in advance of departure.
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