Blackfish Sound - Vancouver Island

Blackfish Sound is a large moving water passage located between Hansen Island and Swanson Island. It is defined by Queen Charlotte Sound to the Northwest and Blackney Passage to the Southeast. Most camp spots are situated on the Southeast shores of Swanson, Compton and Harbledown Islands. A few speccial spots are always open, if you have a small group and are willing to get early and catch the falling tide. Exits from Blackfish Sound are through Westbeach and Whitebeach Passages. Strong currents push and pull water through  both of these passages on the ebb and flood tides.

Both of these passages lead to clusters of islands and islets that host a large amount of wildlife. These passage are the most frequently used waterway...for kayakers, pleasure boats and water taxis. The South Broughton area starts just beyond these passages. Many highlights both human and organic wait for the kayakers who are looking to explore the area. The sea kayaking in the Care group is becoming well known so expect to share the area with other paddlers and tour operators in the area.  Campsite are rough in cleared areas that early tour companies put in for their own use.

We recommend that you do not base camp in this area. Instead stay two nights and move on to another area. This gives everyone a chance to find space to camp. A number of camps are actually over used. And toilet facilities are what you make out of it. If you plan on using native sites you should do your homework and get native bands OK to use them. In the past five summers the midden and the old village site have been heavily impacted. And take the time to soften our impact on the overall area. We must treat this site (Mound Island) with respect and the sensitivity that will ensure a future for us all. And practice,  "the pack in and pack it out" policy and we will all be able to enjoy this area now and in the future.

Blackfish Sound is effected by strong currents. Weather moves in and out of this Sound with an accompanying northwest or southeast wind. Waters from Blackfish Sound connect to Johnstone Strait through Blackney Passage (an area where we should navigate our passage at slack tide and kayak along the Harbledown side of the passage). Expect a steady amount of marine traffic during most of the summer. Remember to monitor Channel 71 (Victoria Traffic) before entering this passage. Crossings are best done at times when traffic is low. We offer transport for kayakers across this active waterway to ensure that you get to your destination safely and return safely.  A number of companies still run guided trips that cross these waters and do so with the knowledge of years of experience.  If you are interested in this service check out our parent company at


Not often but often enough, the humpbacks of Blackfish Sound put on a display that catchs us off guard. Most of it is their usual behavior but sometimes it just the way the whale present it. (Tail Fluting see picture to the right. This is how they sail on windy days! Of note is this picture is the typical sea state that you can expect when you kayak in the waters of Blackfish Sound. This summer 2018, we have a guest whale in the area...A Sperm Whale that has created a buzz!    Combine this with the increasing number of humpback whales in the area and you will certainly have aa number of sighting during your trip to the waters of Blackfish Sound and Queen Charlotte Sound.