Telegraph Cove Sea Kayak Rental Fleet

NOTE:  Rentals are only available when combined with transport.

The majority of our kayak rentals are composite fiberglass Necky Sea Kayaks which have been chosen for their stability and performance. Our fleet includes a selection of kayaks ranging from singles to doubles, in plastic and in composite fiberglass. 

Mixed Fleet rentals work best for most groups we service. We are expanding our fleet to take in the Seaward Passat in the near future. The backbone of our double fleet was the high volume Necky Tofino to which we have added Seaward (centre hatch) models. These doubles are perfect for groups but are heavy for two paddlers to move it down to the water edge at low tides. For this reason, we have maintained a small fleet of Necky Tofino Doubles. 

A complete sea kayak rental from Telegraph Cove Sea Kayaks consists of the following equipment:

• Necky single or double sea kayak
• Seaward (center hatch) double kayak 
• Comfortable PFD
• Hand pump that floats
• Throw Rope
• Two paddles for a single or three for a double sea kayak
• Neoprene/nylon spraydeck
• Small sponge
• Rescue paddle float

The majority of our fiberglass composite sea kayaks consist of a teal deck and white hulls. Our plastic Narpas are brightly coloured, (yellow, red and orange).

NECKY PINTA SINGLE (large volume) 
Good for paddlers with requirements for packing a large amount of gear and having a sea kayak that accommodates large stature. These  sea kayaks work perfectly for nomadic trips that are 7-8 days fun length. They can packs out up to 150 lbs. of gear and are surprisingly light when unloaded.

NECKY TESLA NM (medium volume) 
Good for average paddlers. This performance sea kayak packs out up to 100 lbs. of gear.

NECKY ARLUK IV (small volume) 
Good for paddlers with short arms and short legs. Remarkably stable in moving and rough water. This boat is great for women and small men. It will pack out up to 90 lbs. of gear. The load ensures greater kayak stability. 

NECKY NARPA (plastic, low volume) 
Good for mid and small paddlers. Great stable plastic sea kayaks that pack out marginal amounts of gear.


Necky Tofino HV
Good for two paddlers of medium to small stature. Packs out an amazing 125 lbs. of gear in the two hatches and has a remarkable amount of room in front of the bow paddlers feet. Unloaded weight is 72 lbs. which means it is easy for two paddlers to lift and move this double to the waters edge at low tide.

Seaward Southwind HV (center hatch)  
This is the freighter of most sea kayaking tours and adventures. The center hatch offers paddlers the perfect hatch to load stoves, cookware and extra food in prep for your trip. The cockpits are roomy. The load this sea kayak comes in at 200 lbs. It does however take a number of paddlers to move this boat. Unloaded it weight 107 lbs.